Ukrainian-german company TMAgri Dives”  in cooperation with leading experts of Ukrainian National Academy of Science is glad to present the latest achievements of world and national agricultural science which allow to decrease significantly cost of agriculture sector and at the same time increase production quality.

Soil covering degradation, environmental pollution, decrease of agricultural product quality, global climate changes, power resources deficit require strong implementation of modern, environmentally safe and simultaneously highly effective methods of agriculture. To a large extant, degradation of agricultural lands and farm product quality decrease is provoked by unbalanced plant nutrition.

Modern agriculture science point at four main macroelements – nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and silica. Year on year agricultural plants irretrievably remove from 20 to 700 kg/ha of silica. This volume corresponds to removal of  nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The role of silica in plant vital activity has been underestimated for a long time until the latest discoveries finally proved its important role along with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. As far as silica, being a structural soil component which affects on soil fertility level, its constant removal leads to acceleration of soil degradation. As a result,  silica deficit as nutrient element reduces dramatically natural protective qualities of agricultural plants provoking land productivity decrease and necessity to enlarge dose of chemical crop protection products which negatively influence on product quality.

            Utilisation of silica fertilizers and silica containing ameliorants is important for regeneration of nutrient element natural balance in the soil-plant system, reduction of degradation process rapidity and obtainment of stable high quality yields. Since year 2000 world silica fertilizer production is annually increasing on 20-30%. For plants silica is extremely important and plants consume it in huge volumes. Thus per year from 1 ha of grains remove 105-120 kg of SiO2 from soil, clover-20 kg, vegetables – 10 kg. Also it`s necessary to take into account the fact, that 78 chemical elements are not digested if living organism is lacking silica.

Availability of sufficient silica in soil enforces nitrogen, phosphorus,  and potassium adoption and produces influence on plant`s growth and metabolic process. Acceleration of root growth provides background for feeding zone enlarging, xerophytism reinforcement.

  Leaf augmentation provides higher photosynthesis, yield growth. Silica favors  frost standing ability of cereals, resistance to toxic ingredient impact, mycosis  etc. On soil application active silica forms increase plant health on DNA level and enhance physiological stress resistance. Researches on cereal, citrous, vegetable  cultivars and fodder grasses have shown that in case of silica nutrition improvement of plants we observe increase of adventitious and tertiary roots on 20–100% and more. Deficit of silica  nutrition is one of limiting factors of plant rooting growth. Field and greenhouse trials with barley, sorgo, corn and fodder grasses discovered  that application of liquid and solid substances containing silica can reduce irrigation water on 30-40% without negative effect for yield quality and quantity. As it turned out that silica, due to formation of polysilicic acids and its gels, can accumulate and conserve water in the plant. Thus, one silica atom can keep up to 119 water molecules. Taking into account use of silica on forming of plant “skeleton” and  protective layer in epidermis is about 20–30% of absorbed silica can be  consumed on creation and support of internal water reserve in plant. For example,  barley containing averagely 1,2 – 1,4% of silica on dry weight basis, on normal silica nutrition can accumulate from 5 to 35 g of water on 100 g of plant`s fresh weight.   Yield of watermelon has increased on 30,8%, solids content on 8%, sucrose on 29%, nitrate level has decreased on 54%. Plants can take up low-molecular silicic acids and its anions not only though root system but also by leaf surface if they are sprayed  by silica containing water solution. It`s important to note that silica absorbation by plant`s leaves is about 30-40% and though root system – not more than 1-5%.

The most important silica function in plants is possibility to increase natural plant resistance to biogenic (mycosis, insect enemy attacks) and abiogenic (low temperatures, drought, salt and aluminum toxication, heavy metals pollution, etc) stress. This allow to apply active silica forms as ecologically-safe alternative to pesticides. There is also biochemical protection in plants due to mobile silicon compounds. So the main silica function in plant can be increase of organism resistance to adverse conditions such as epidermal tissue thickening (mechanical protection), acceleration of growth and root system development (physiological protection), toxic substances fixation (chemical protection) and augmentation of biochemical stress tolerance (biochemical protection).


Our company has created range of unique silicium MACRO FERTILIZERS


  • Organo-mineral complex SILIСA – silicium containing mineral (up to 50%) containing 40 macro, micro and ultramicroelements of Mendeleev table in living organism-available form. Organo-mineral complex SILIСA is natural sorbent with high adsorptive, ion-exchangeable, catalytical and filtration  properties. Multi-year research (more than 20 years) revealed that Organo-mineral complex SILIСA positively effects on all living organisms from micro organisms and unicellular algae to human beings, garmonising all biochemical processes in the organism.

Organo-mineral complex SILIСA can be used:

- for yield increase of vegetables, fruits, corn, berries, wheat, sugarbeet and other plants as an ameliorant and key element of eco-friendly organo-mineral fertilizers.
 - in production of complex multimineral additive to feeds for effectiveness  increase of fattening operation of cattle, of pigs, birds, other animals and especially fish;

As ameliorant organo-mineral complex SILIСA is highly effective, eco-friendly multi component natural fertilizer and growth stimulator, strong adsorbent which intensively absorb and bind ions of heavy metals, different harmful chemical and organic matters and prevent their penetration to plant root system.

Organo-mineral complex SILIСA is an active soil component and its proper use leads to strong activation of plant`s vital functions. Impact of organo-mineral complex SILIСA on soil condition and plant vital activity is of multifaceted approach – increase of plant`s resistence to unfavourable environmental factors, in particular, soil moisture deficit, disease-resistance, plant`s stress factors adaptive capacities, significant rise of survival abilities, balance of soil nutritional substances, stabilizing of reductive-oxidative regime of organic materials, plants have more differentiated roots (up to 50%).

Effect of organo-mineral complex SILIСA has slow-release nature, after bulk application the effect remains in the course of 5 years and more. Organo-mineral complex SILIСA or organomineral fertilizers with organo-mineral complex SILIСA add-on can be significantly accelerate soil transformation from regular to organic farming.  Agricultural National Research Institute of Ukraine has examined and confirmed high effectiveness of organo-mineral complex SILIСA as ameliorant on Ukrainian sand derno-podzolic soils. Field tests proved that yield of corn for silage, oat, winter wheat has increased on 12-45% and more.


Organo-mineral complex SILIСA is our helper which restore on the system level soil and stimulate constantly plant`s growth and cutivation, increase its productivity, improve physico-chemical and biological parameter of soil.


  • Why mineral complex SILIСA macro fertilizers are advantageous for You:

1. Very attractive price, especially in big volumes.

2. Macro fertilizers production is located in Ukraine which allow to save significantly on logostic.

3. Ukrainian companies get significant discount in case of ordering of macro fertilizers directly from production line without drying stage.


  • Why our company is faithworthy:

1. The highest quality appraisal by Suisse company “Organic standard”  which can be used in organic farming in accordance with to EU standards.

2. Components of macro fertilizers are verified by analytic company Currenta, part of Bayer group.
3. Fertilizers are manufactured on unique Eirich German equipment, which is with more than 100 years work experience.   
 4. We cooperate on a regular basis with experts of Ukrainian Academy of science.
 5. Creator of this product has dedicated 30 years for this genius invention.
 6. Macro fertilizers are being verified in different formats and conditions for more than 20 years. 


  •  What will you get in case of use of  macro fertilizers organo-mineral complex SILIСA :
      1. Increase of yield of any crops.
      2. Improvement of survival ability of plants and seedling.
      3. Providing of nutrient enrichment and turnover in plants.
      4. Plant`s growth acceleration.
      5. Rooting reinforcement.
      6. Stimulation of button formation.
      7.Reduction of ripeness period.
      8.Acceleration of plant`s growth and development.
      9. Immunity improvement and as a result plant resistance to drought and frost. 


            In order to get maximum effect from organo-mineral complex SILICA application our company can develop composition for given soils and samples.   In case of proper development of fertilizer formula and respect of production technology we observe explosive growth of effective soil microbiota, in the first place nitrogen-fixing,  potassium, phosphorus and silica mobilising bacteria, which after soil penetration provide significant fertility growth.

If necessary, additional elements are added to formula as water depot.