Mobil brand
The Mobil brand is associated with efficiency, innovative developments and experience, and occupies a well-deserved place among the most widely known and respected world brands.

For Mobil lubricants, this brand stands for worldwide representation, technical equipment and a reputation for the quality of Flagship and Premium lubricants, both among customers and equipment manufacturers. Read more about the Mobil brand:


Mobil Industrial Lubricants Brand
For decades, ExxonMobil has developed leading industrial lubricants and extensive experience has been gained to enable our customers to reach new heights in equipment performance. Mobil industrial liquid and plastic lubricants are highly efficient for equipment. With the support of manufacturers and successful field experience, customers can be fully confident in the capabilities of these highly effective lubricants.

Laboratory analysis Mobil Serv
Mobil Serv - online resources to help guide your business.

This industry-leading program offers interactive features to extend the life and reliability of equipment and also reduce maintenance costs.

Oil analysis is the lifeblood of your business.

When you go to the doctor for an examination, a blood sample is taken to evaluate your health and identify diseases that require treatment, and sometimes urgent measures.

Similarly, during operation, an oil analysis is important to evaluate the “health” of your equipment.

An oil sample provides important information that can help:

increase productivity
reduce unplanned downtime
increase equipment durability
reduce grease consumption
Therefore, there is no doubt about the importance of oil analysis.

Mobil Serv goes beyond what you can get elsewhere. No other program offers the same in-depth knowledge in Mobil ™ branded oils. We also gained deep knowledge and extensive experience in operation, working closely with original equipment manufacturers.

Based on our vast experience in the analysis of oils in the operation of equipment, we offer accurate analysis and detailed, effective recommendations that will lead to significant cost savings, increased productivity and stable development of your business.