Intersteel-Kiev (Ukraine) and TAIYUAN HEAVY INDUSTRY (China) summed up the results of seven-year cooperation.

Intersteel-Kyiv (Ukraine) and TAIYUAN HEAVY INDUSTRY (PRC) summed up the results of seven years of cooperation. The Chinese corporation is one of the world's largest machine-building giants, uniting two dozen of the largest factories producing heavy machine-building products. In 2012, a Chinese delegation led by the president of the corporations visited Ukraine. During the visit, talks were held with the management of Poltava GOK, Poltava Regional State Administration and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine. The Chinese side expressed its interest in cooperating with Ukrainian enterprises. In 2013, the Ukrainian delegation visited a quarry excavator plant in Taiyuan. During this visit, a cooperation agreement was signed between TYHI MINING EQUIPMENT and a Ukrainian company. During 2014 to 2018, a number of negotiations were held and agreements on the establishment of services for the maintenance of quarry excavators in Kryvyi Rih were signed. In March 2018, the Ukrainian delegation consisting of technical specialists of Central GOK, Northern GOK, Ingulets GOK, Kryvyi Rih Repair and Mechanical Plant visited the railway ore selection enterprise "Yanshan Iron Mine", located in the corporation "Hebei Iron and Steel Group, Mining Co. , LTD "". Specialists got acquainted with the work of mining equipment in conditions close to the working conditions in Ukraine. This delegation was satisfied with what was introduced. The equipment and service system of mining equipment meets the highest standards. production company "TYHI MINING EQUIPMENT", which produces excavators with a bucket volume of 4 to 75 m3. documents and technical materials on the supply of quarry excavators on Ukrainian mining and processing combinations. Development and approval of documentation for the establishment of service for the maintenance of quarry equipment. Developed and agreed drawings of spare time for quarry equipment. During the cooperation, TAIYUAN HEAVY INDUSTRY (PRC) became famous in Ukraine, and its brand "TZ" - find out.